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What our clients have to say...

Client Testimonials

"I have been with Tina of Abarquez Group Inc. for over 10 years.  Thanks to Tina, my life has been organized financially which has improved my quality of life.  With her suggestions my mortgage will be paid off faster, I will be able to retire early, and I am financially secure with any situations life throws at me.  I switched over to Abarquez Group Inc. and have never looked back!  Tina is always available, answers any questions I have, has provided the best advice whenever my life plans or changes take place, and most of all, is honest and looks out for my best interests.  Anyone looking for financial guidance and freedom, I strongly recommend Abarquez Group Inc. You will not be disappointed!"    ~ G.M.

"Rhett, thanks for sharing with us the most effective sales idea I've seen in 23 years in this business!"    ~ R.W.

"Tina of Abarquez Group Inc. has been my Financial Advisor for over 15 years.  With her guidance and suggestions, I feel more secure in my outlook for my retirement.  AGI's motto, 'If you plan where you are going, you will likely get there!' succinctly describes my experience with Abarquez Group Inc.  Tina displays the utmost professionalism when it comes to managing my portfolio - my investments, my RRSP's, my insurance needs.  She is very accessible and responds in a timely manner to any questions I may have.  With her advice, I feel secure in the knowledge that Tina is managing my investments and has my best interests in mind...I highly recommend Abarquez Group Inc. for anyone seeking financial advice and guidance for their savings, investments and retirement!"   ~ R.M.G.

"I began working with Tina when my son was 3 years old.  I was worried that I did not have a plan in place to take care of him if something were to happen to me.  Tina worked with me to come up with that plan, starting with life insurance and a savings plan for my son's education.  Over the years, Tina has advised me on many important milestones in my life - buying our fist home, starting a retirement savings plan, and adding to the education plan for my daughter.  Tina is a great listener and truly cares about her clients' needs.  When I think back to how worried I was all those years ago (my son is now 19!) and how Tina and Abarquez Group Inc. helped put my mind at ease, I feel very lucky and thankful!" ~ C.B.

"I liked the presentation you and your team did - it was thorough but not high pressure.  I also liked the follow up that has happened since the initial presentation.  I liked the targeted performance range I was presented - it was realistic in my mind."   ~ H.N.