2017 Client Budget Letter

Published by Tina Abarquez on Mar 31, 2017

The Liberal government delivered its second federal budget on March 22 in Ottawa. While you’ve probably seen plenty of media coverage, I thought you would appreciate an overview of how some of the budget... Continue reading

Thinking of selling your house? Spring is just around the corner!

Published by Tina Abarquez on Mar 17, 2017

As the calendar turns to March and we emerge from a long winter, there’s quite a bit to get excited about. The weather starts to warm up. St. Patrick pays a visit, we go mad for college basketball, spring... Continue reading

Keep an eye on your mailbox – it’s tax slip time

Published by Tina Abarquez on Mar 08, 2017

It’s the time of the year when you may start receiving tax slips related to your 2016 investments. Some slips may look familiar, others may not. Here’s a quick description of some of the more common slips... Continue reading

Less than one month to go!

Published by Tina Abarquez on Feb 08, 2017

Tick, tock. It’s February and we’re in Canada, which means two things. One, it’s really, really cold. And two, you’ve got less than a month to make contributions to your RRSP that will count for tax year... Continue reading